Laura Gabryszak
Amy's "sister" and best friend. They grew up down the street from one another and even went to prom together :-)

Kelley Gegenfurtner-Bilz
Kelley went to Cleveland Hill with Amy. They made their first communion together and have gone on epic rollerblading adventures.

Ashley Kominiarek
Ashley also went to Cleveland Hill. They ran track together and had a master plan of making big bucks opening a dog washing business when they were younger.

Dana Doyle
Dana went to Physician Assistant school at RIT with Amy. They also traveled to Spain together a few summers ago!

Lorelei Kluever
Lorelei is Kurt's awesome sister. She made Amy feel like part of the family a long time ago and Amy can't wait to call Lorelei her sister in law!

Katie Kokkinos
Katie shares Amy's love of frozen yogurt and running. They both participated in the San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series a few summers ago!

Jamie Czarnecki
Jamie went to RIT and was also in PA program. Her and Amy "met" at a random Hoboken bar and have been friends ever since, bonding over Cuban food and underwear shopping.